The 🏳️⚧️ Programme

Try out FlexCircles and save money through your community

Pick a Family and an amount. Start saving, stick to it. Get your money pot.

Select your Family

These are the people who are going to save with you

They can put the same amount of cash as you
You are in contact with them regularly
They need the same amount of money
You trust them
Decide the logistics, together

Everyone's needs are heard and agreeing to them is key

Pick an amount of money you're all ok with to save weekly or monthly
Pick the order of who will get the pot and when. Stick to it.
Make it social! Meet or check in on each other when you add or take away from the pot

Stick to your Family, respect your savings and turn

What you'll get
A community to help you financially
Access to large amounts of money, quicker, without banks! 
Regular hangouts with people that you like
Learning a bit more about how to manage your money

Where does this saving method come from?

'Informal rotating savings club'

Family Pots are what’s usually called ‘informal rotating savings club’. They come in all shapes and sizes from communities all around the world. They are called cundinas (Mexico), susu/Osusu (West Africa and the Caribbean), hui (Asia), juntas (Peru), cuchubales (El Salvador and Guatemala), pollas (Chile), arisan (Indonesia), main kutu (Malaysia), pandeiros (Brazil), paluwagan (Philippines), Stokvel (South Africa), committee (Pakistan) or pardner (Jamaica). They all work in slightly different ways, but they're all about saving money together

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Windrush Generation

This way of saving arrived to the UK through the Empire Windrush ship in the 1930s and the Jamaican community. The ship docked in Kingston, Jamaica, and took with it migrants from the at the time British colony. However due to institutionalised racism, Jamaicans weren’t able to access credit, and pardner became an important source of financial and community support. Pardner is being put to amazing use amongst young people in the UK — they give you a few tips on how to use it as well!

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Save for surgery or hormone therapy!